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This lie is the foundation of Replacement Theology, an erroneous doctrine claiming the Jews are under eternal punishment and have been replaced by the Church.

The people had a record of a divine promise that something would last forever and had to face the fact that this was actually not the case.


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Tremper Longman notes that a popular understanding of the relationship between Melchizedek and Jesus is that Melchizedek is an Old Testament Christophany in other words that Melchizedek is Jesus.


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In fact the OT ended with a promise about him do you remember. Everyday we feature an amazing new website built with Wix. Keep me up to date with Our Daily Bread Ministries efforts and resources by email. He will die with thieves.


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The temporal distance between the generations is abolished. Strikingly in the manner of the end of the baptist seminary. To fully understand why Easter is a time of Celebration we must go a little journey.

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